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Built on creativity, collaboration, and unparalleled service, the Jo Design Co. experience is focused on transforming the ideal space for each individual. Drawing inspiration from the client and using it as the guiding vision to create their dream space.

For anyone who feels overwhelmed with decorating or for those who just can’t find the time, Jo Design Co. provides a hassle free service for all of your decor and home design needs.

Jamie + Olivia go above and beyond tending to even the smallest of details. Whether working on a small entry way or executing a full revamp, the decorators focus on providing amazing service to their clients, often forging a lasting friendship between the client and decorating duo.

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Born in Ottawa, Olivia has been fortunate enough to live in so many amazing cities such as New York, Toronto and Vancouver. She is a lover of skiing, travel, and is a museum enthusiast.

Olivia adds beauty, comfort, and livability to all her design projects. She has a natural talent for taking a basic space and transforming it into the perfect balance of function, aesthetically pleasing elements and most importantly, a sense of home.

Olivia currently lives in Kitsilano, and gets most of her inspiration from long beach walks.

When she is not designing with Jamie, both girls can be found sipping wine on a local patio.

Born in Canada and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jamie is a lover of running, sunshine and all things California.

She attributes her great design sense to both her Mother and late Grandmother but unfortunately she also inherited their expensive tastes. Decorating in one of the worlds most expensive cities comes with its challenges and limited bank accounts; here’s to her talent of creating champagne taste spaces on a beer budget.

Jamie currently lives downtown Vancouver and frequently travels back to California to hunt for design inspiration, and let’s be honest, to escape the rain.

When she is not designing with Olivia, both girls can be found sipping wine on a local patio.

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  • When I moved into my new apartment late last year it was in dire need of a face lift. The past occupants did not really seem to take care of the space and for a small studio in Yaletown, no effort was made to liven up its dark, drab corner unit. With the help of JO Design Co, Jamie and Olivia came to the rescue at a time where my work/life balance required their skilled eyes for design and style when I just didn't have the time to focus all of my efforts on it. When we first met, they asked me what I was looking for in an apartment. I told them my top 3 priorities to make my space feel welcoming and like 'home'. I had lived in my last place for over 3 years and as we know moving is never fun, especially when you don't have the time or energy to focus on making the new abode your own. I told Jamie and Olivia I needed to feel zen and an air of relaxation when I walked into the space, I wanted it to feel lighter and calming and also make sure that it was a clutter free zone with everything having 'a place'. After 8 short weeks we had selected and pasted up wallpaper, primed and painted the main accent wall, ordered and had mounted built-ins for my office space, found and selected a custom made couch, sourced an ottoman, hunted for the perfect accent accessories and finally when it all came together, staged the final layout together. When we encountered a challenge with a lighting issue, they were quick to offer solutions that were within budget and practical. JO made it easy by working from a far, taking my 'list' of requests and sourcing links for anything and everything, from the wallpaper and paint swatches and sending me samples to choose from at my earliest convenience with my busy schedule. They took the stress and guess work out of it, only sending me a few options to choose from for each category we were sourcing, and never overwhelmed me with things I wasn't interested in. They listened and understood exactly what my vision was for a Coastal Escape in the City! I couldn't have done it without them, and wouldn't be sitting peacefully in my cozy home, on my beautiful custom sofa, writing this glowing review without their guidance, grace and patience. Whether you are looking for a small revamp or a complete apartment overhaul, JO Design are your go to gals!

    Emily - Yaletown
  • “We hired JO Design to style our trade show booth at the Vancouver Home + Design Show. They came up with a great concept, sourced all the furniture and decor and delivered everything on time and on budget. We got great compliments from clients, friends, partners and complete strangers on our booth designs. Love them and would recommend.”

    Laurent, Vancouver
  • "Professional, easy to work with, incredible results. On behalf of the Whisky Wisemen, I would like to thank Jamie and Olivia for partnering with our young professionals group in Vancouver BC. Both women brought such a high quality attitude and skill set to our organization's final Gala. Myself and the Board quite enjoyed working together with Jamie and Olivia as they were humorous and always met us with a smiles ready to work. We would highly recommend working with JO Design Co. as their process and people management is incredible and their design skills were spot on! We have recommended JO Design Co. to all our members and would do the same to someone wanting to work with an all star design duo!"

    Whisky Wisemen Board of Directors, Vancouver
  • They designed our booth at the Home and Garden show and rocked it. It looked beautiful, they were professional and extremely helpful.

    Safe Pacific Financial
  • I had the pleasure of working with Jo Design Co. when I wanted to revamp my apartment for a more professional look. I met the designers and immediately knew this would be a great fit! They listened to what I wanted to see my apartment become, and incorporated all of my own ideas into their vision. They were polite, professional and easy to work with in every aspect of the process. The proof was in the final product. When I arrived home to see my revamped apartment it was completely transformed. It had gone from student den to professional home, I was amazed at how new accent pieces, artwork, and this amazing design team created this complete transformation. I would highly recommend Jo Design Co. to anyone as their professionalism, creativity, and fun attitude have created a space that I am happy to call my home.

    Mike - Fairview
  • Thrilled to be working with the Jo Design team!  They understood exactly what I was trying to achieve -- even when I couldn't articulate it -- and set about making it happen on an impossibility tiny budget. Love it! The place looks like a million bucks!

    Christine - North Vancouver
  • From the moment I sat down and met Jamie and Olivia, I immediately had a good feeling about these girls! They are positive, personable, and motivated. I was desperate to do something, to revamp my living/dining space and was pretty insecure about my home. I had previously met with 2 interior designers with their own businesses and got further with Jamie and Olivia in the first 5 minutes than I did in an hour consultation with the others. They asked me questions I had never been asked before, which you would think would be 'typical' designer questions! 'What are your favorite colors', 'do you like bold colors/prints', 'do you like wallpaper', 'what would you say your style is' ... Oh, you don't know? And they actually whipped out their iPad with styles so we could narrow down mine. And by the end of that meeting, I knew I was finally going to get somewhere. They got to work immediately, finding things for me to pick up, making suggestions, and planning for the completions date. Super efficient! They are genuine people and never once did I feel like they judged my ideas, my style, or my place. If we differed on a design suggestion, I didnít feel bad for saying so; they simply came right back with another suggestion. I also really appreciated that they were very respectful of my budget ñwhich I had not quite experienced previously. I couldn't be happier with my home now and actually want to have people over. My experience with JO Design was such a success that I haven't been able to stop talking about it ... and them. I tell anyone that asks how incredible these girls are and will offer them up in a heartbeat as a referral. Wish them a ton of success and prosperity with their business.

    Dan - Olympic Village


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